Public School Transfer

All too often, we forget that many public schools are absolutely amazing.

School choice is not simply about "how to get into a private / charter school." It is also about having access to the public schools that are making an incredible difference in the lives of children.

If you are aware of a public school in your district that you would prefer to send your child to (instead of your zoned assignment), call your school district to see whether they have an available spot in the upcoming year. If so, inquire about the public school transfer option, which is sometimes called intra district transfers. All school districts have different transfer application processes for this. In general, you will find the application, instructions, and lists of schools with open seats on the district’s website.

Because many districts (for instance Atlanta Public Schools, or APS) have transfer application deadlines in late March, it’s best to check in January and February. If there are more applications than available spots for a particular school, some districts will randomly select which students are chosen to attend.

Again, it is best to contact your school district after first checking their website for additional information on school transfers.