Tax Credit Scholarships

Often, parents want to enroll their children in private schools. However, many families are in need of assistance with tuition costs. With Georgia’s Tax Credit Scholarship program, parents can get up to around $9,000 in assistance.

Here’s how the program works: tax payers and businesses make donations to Student Scholarship Organizations (or SSOs) that collect donations for individual private schools. The private schools will then distribute scholarships to parents, often based on need. There are a few SSOs that will instead work directly with parents to determine their scholarship amount based on need and then send the check to the school in the parent’s name for the student.

Navigating this program can be tricky. In general, it’s best to identify the private schools that you are interested in and then ask them if they offer the tax credit scholarship or work with a Student Scholarship Organization (SSO) that does. You can find a list of SSOs and scholarship information about the "Tax Credit Program" at the Georgia Department of Education website ( under "State Board & Policy."