The 411 on Georgia Schools Tax Credit Scholarships

Dr. Danielle LeSure is back this week for a 5-minute Ed Connect vlog explaining a little bit about the tax credit available for schools in Georgia. Funds from taxpayers and businesses are put into the Student Scholarship Organization; certain private schools work with an SSO to determine how to distribute these funds.

Parents interested in Georgia schools tax credit scholarships should note that the name of the scholarship can be different depending on the school. Look up the information on the Georgia Department of Education’s website. You can easily look at schools affiliated with the SSOs and see if there is a match for your child’s needs.

For more information on the Student ...

Special Education – EdConnect Vlog

Dr. Danielle LeSure takes a few minutes to speak with Atlanta parents of special needs children in our latest informative video. Children with special needs deserve a solid education. She discusses the Special Needs Scholarship program and shares her experience on how this program works.

Every child in the Georgia public school system with special needs gets 2 rights: the ability to transfer to any open public school in the state of Georgia and the right to private schools that can better serve their educational requirements. She will help walk you through the Georgia Dept. of Education’s website to see if this a good option for your special needs child.

Dr. LeSure expresses that &ldqu...

Charter Schools: Explained

Dr. Danielle LeSure of EdConnect takes a few minutes in this video to share some in-depth questions commonly asked about charter schools.

Check out her explanation of how charter schools work differently, yet effectively to achieve district and state goals for education. This is a great video for parents who have thought about the idea of charter schools for their children but do not know where to start. Danielle will walk you through a few easy steps to guide you along the right path of researching charter schools in the Atlanta area.

Identify schools in your area.

Check your eligibility.


Danielle stresses that the application process is not that difficult- there is nothing to it but ...

Quarantine Cuisine: Budget Friendly Family Fare

Money is tight and stress levels are high for many as we wade through this Covid-19 pandemic. Families are staying home and cooking more than ever, with a need to stretch their dollar as far as it will go. As part of “Money Mondays”, we at EdConnect Now want to share an easy way to take one simple basic ingredient and use it for several dinners.

For these recipes, we start with readily available and budget-friendly rice.

Our first dish is incredibly simple. Customize it to fit the needs of your family:

Dish 1: Sticky Rice and Veggies

2 c. Rice

1 can of mixed vegetables (or a bag of frozen, or even cut up some fresh vegetables). Peas and carrots go great in this.

Soy Sauce or flavoring...

Take Care this Mother’s Day with a Gift from Us

A special time of year when we honor the strong females in our lives has been obstructed by COVID-19. Extended family gatherings have been put on hold for the sake of social distancing. Many mothers are now placed in a new situation; they are multitasking at an entirely new level.

Moms, dads, and guardians of all types have been thrown into wearing multiple hats. Many are still working (at home or office) and are now faced with the challenge of having their children at home while schools have been released due to the pandemic. With so many responsibilities piling up, we need mothers to know that they are appreciated and loved this Mother’s Day.

Mental health for black women, especially s...

What are the benefits of state charter schools serving multi-counties?


In Georgia, there are two kinds of charter schools: the state charter schools and the locally approved charter schools. State charter schools are those authorized by the State Board of Education. They are expected to provide their students with a better educational opportunity.

Some state charter schools are approved by the State Board of Education to serve multiple counties or districts. So what are the benefits of being in this kind of charter school?

Diverse student population

Since they serve students in more than one area or county, a lot of children can take advantage of their educational opportunities. They can offer a school culture that embraces diversity and inclusion.
Specialized a...

Should the State Encourage Charter Network Growth?


Over the past decade, charter schools have played a significant role in improving K-12 education. As charter schools have become more prominent, discussions have also begun on their overall role in the public school system. So should the policymakers and other stakeholders encourage charter network growth across the U.S.?

Recently, the Center for Research on Education Outcomes (CREDO) released a study about charter school performance. It showed significant results on how states should focus on charter network growth.

The study showed that charter management organizations - networks of schools like KIPP or Achievement First - are outpacing independent, one-off charter schools. Also, it showe...

A Better Chance: An Organization Providing Educational Opportunities To Students Of Color

By: Alex Wood

A Better Chance is an organization that has been around since 1963 and has an impressive alumni of over 15,000 people. Their mission is to provide students of color in the nation the chance to become well-educated with a number of educational opportunities. They have a signature program called, College Preparatory Schools Program (CPSP), which recruits, refers and supports about 500 Better Chance Scholars a year in over 300 schools nationally.

CPSP is available to students in 4th through 9th grade that are in college preparatory middle schools and high schools. The program is not available to students who are applying to college or who have parents that are Better Chance alumni. ...

March College Workshop Series

By: Alex Wood

EdConnect is excited to announce our March College Workshop Series: Make College a Reality for Your Kids. The series will take place throughout the month of March at Golden Corral (2211 Cobb Pkwy SE, Smyrna, GA 30080) on March 17, 24, and 31 from 10am to 12pm. The series will feature Dr. Danielle Stewart of College Prep and Connect Clinic.

Below is a summary of each workshop series:

March 17: Explore Your School Options
- Get tips on how to search for and pursue K-12 school options that match your children’s needs and interests. In this workshop we will explore public school transfers, charter schools, and private school scholarships such as the SB10 Special Needs Scholarship...

What Is The Arete Scholars Program?

By: Alex Wood

The Arete Scholars is a nonprofit foundation based in Georgia and Louisiana that helps economically disadvantaged children reach their potential. Their mission is to provide K-12 scholarships exclusively to qualifying low-to-moderate-income students. Since 2010, the Arete Scholarship program has helped more than 1,200 economically disadvantaged students gain access to better schools and have awarded more than 3,000 K-12 scholarships worth over $15 million. They take a holistic approach to transform the lives of economically disadvantaged children by offering private scholarships and focusing on three key areas: college and career readiness, healthy relationships, and character s...