Summer Activities for High School Students by: Allison Becker

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Many high school students, parents, and educators have spent the last year or so worried about what they’ve been missing. And with all that’s happened, It’s easy to see why people are concerned about students being behind.

However, that doesn’t change the fact that summer is designed to be a time for students to recuperate after a school year. Even with high schoolers, activities should still give them the opportunity to be kids and explore their interests and passions. Below are a few summer activities for high schoolers that will help combat learning loss and encourage them to be their best selves!

  1. Summer reading challenge! If you read our blog for middle schoolers,...

Summer Activities for Middle School Students by: Allison Becker

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Especially for middle school students, learning loss after almost a year and a half of education during a pandemic has been a huge concern. And it’s true that our middle schoolers have struggled a lot during COVID-19. However, combating learning loss in these students doesn’t have to look like practice pages from a textbook or online summer school.

Below are some practical, positive activities for middle school age students to do over the summer, all designed to help them grow and further their education.

  1. Summer reading challenge! Many libraries, schools, and other organizations offer structured summer reading challenges for students. Consider getting your child involved in one o...

Summer Activities for Pre-K and Elementary School Students by: Allison Becker

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Summer can be stressful when it comes to dealing with concerns about keeping kids busy while school is out. This summer, that’s probably going to be even more true. There’s lots of conversations about learning loss and how to make up after almost a year and a half of COVID education.

However, especially for young learners, making up for learning loss doesn’t look like what we might think. Below are a few great summer ideas that can build pre-Kindergarten and elementary school age kids up after a couple tough years of education.

  1. Get outside and get physical! At this age, children learn with their bodies and their senses. Exposing them to a variety of elements and places help...

Redefining school choice to include having a virtual learning option for parents post COVID


Let’s acknowledge the reality: virtual school is not for everyone. COVID-19 forcing everyone to go virtual immediately was an insane amount of pressure on teachers, students, parents, administrators, and everyone in-between. And even as a year has passed and people have gotten more adjusted to the tech, it’s still not the ideal for all students.

However, some students and families have found that remote learning works really well for their needs. Introverted children don’t have to deal with the daily pressures of a crowded classroom. Easily distracted students can focus in on their schoolwork. Shy students have multiple, and sometimes more anonymous, ways of speaking up...

The surprising advantages to virtual school that we learned from COVID


In March of 2020, the educational system turned upside down at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in the US. No one was prepared to suddenly operate 100% remotely, but that’s exactly what happened. Now, a year later, we are all much better prepared, and for some, the challenges of virtual school have turned into advantages.

For many students, virtual schooling opens them up to new and more comfortable ways of learning. Introverted or anxious children can struggle in crowded classrooms. The pressure of being around their peers 24/7 and the constant comparison with classmates can make it hard to focus positively on schoolwork. When learning remotely, those barriers go away.

While so...

Why Earth Day Should Matter To Parents by: Allison Becker

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Earth Day. It rolls around every April and yet we never seem to be entirely certain why. Some schools might take April 22 to learn fun facts about the environment or even plant a tree. But Earth Day is much more than that, and it’s important for parents to take note.

April 22 was declared Earth Day in 1970 by a Wisconsin senator. Since then, it has served as an annual reminder of the importance of being environmentally conscious. As more research is done into climate change, environmentally-caused illness, and natural disasters, people are tuning in more and more to the way we treat our Earth. And no one should be tuning in more than those who are raising the next generation.

Teaching ...

Parenting While Being An Introvert by: Allison Becker


Parenting can be exhausting at times for everyone, but it can be especially draining for introverts. Being an introvert is defined by recharging during alone time, and that’s hard to snag while caring for children.

Constant questions, conversations, and activities leave little room for privacy. And that’s not even taking into consideration talking to other adults like teachers or other parents.

Read on for a few tips on parenting while introverted!

  • Set clear boundaries with your children. Obviously most of the time you have to be present for your kids. But when you can, find the time that you can set out for yourself. Create clear and consistent rules with your children about ...

What Is Parent Coaching? Why Does It Matter? - By Allison Becker


It's 10 pm on a Wednesday, and no matter what you do, your grade schooler is refusing to go to sleep. You've tried coddling, bribing, sternness, and it's resulted in a screaming match, tears, and your kid is still not in bed. And this isn't the first time.

This situation probably sounds familiar to a lot of parents. Issues are inevitable when raising children. Sometimes dealing with them takes a little help. This is where parent coaching comes in.

Parent coaching is an up-and-coming way to examine parenting strategies and receive assistance. A parent coach is not necessarily a therapist or health professional, but they offer unique advice to parents seeking new perspectives.

Beacause they...

Parent-to-Parent by Allison Becker


We’ve all heard it said a million different ways: relationships are a vital part of life. According to one of the longest-ever studies of human behavior (it started at Harvard in 1938 and still continues to this day!), relationships that bring us joy help us to be healthier, live longer, and find more success. Neglecting human connection is detrimental, plain and simple.

For parents, this may ring especially true. Sometimes parenting can feel very isolating. Think of a stay-at-home parent who speaks to no one but their toddlers all day. Or maybe a young parent whose coworkers are all single and childless and don’t want to hear “kid stories” every day.

This often beco...

Kindergarten Here We Go: A Checklist for Little Learners Returning During a Pandemic

Kindergarten is an important milestone for any student. New friends, new atmosphere, and this year: new procedures. Many Kindergarteners will experience fear and anxiety when beginning their new routine. This year, the game has changed as students return to Georgia schools in the wake of the Coronavirus Pandemic. EdConnect has compiled a little checklist to help parents and their student experience and smooth transition to new this learning atmosphere.

See if your child can:

  • Practice writing their name

  • Flip the pages of a book easily

  • Use the bathroom independently

  • Listen to a story and then tell it back to you within reason

  • Practice good hygiene after bathroom and lunch by proper handwashing

And: ...