Parenting While Being An Introvert by: Allison Becker


Parenting can be exhausting at times for everyone, but it can be especially draining for introverts. Being an introvert is defined by recharging during alone time, and that’s hard to snag while caring for children.

Constant questions, conversations, and activities leave little room for privacy. And that’s not even taking into consideration talking to other adults like teachers or other parents.

Read on for a few tips on parenting while introverted!

  • Set clear boundaries with your children. Obviously most of the time you have to be present for your kids. But when you can, find the time that you can set out for yourself. Create clear and consistent rules with your children about ...

What Is Parent Coaching? Why Does It Matter? - By Allison Becker


It's 10 pm on a Wednesday, and no matter what you do, your grade schooler is refusing to go to sleep. You've tried coddling, bribing, sternness, and it's resulted in a screaming match, tears, and your kid is still not in bed. And this isn't the first time.

This situation probably sounds familiar to a lot of parents. Issues are inevitable when raising children. Sometimes dealing with them takes a little help. This is where parent coaching comes in.

Parent coaching is an up-and-coming way to examine parenting strategies and receive assistance. A parent coach is not necessarily a therapist or health professional, but they offer unique advice to parents seeking new perspectives.

Beacause they...

Parent-to-Parent by Allison Becker


We’ve all heard it said a million different ways: relationships are a vital part of life. According to one of the longest-ever studies of human behavior (it started at Harvard in 1938 and still continues to this day!), relationships that bring us joy help us to be healthier, live longer, and find more success. Neglecting human connection is detrimental, plain and simple.

For parents, this may ring especially true. Sometimes parenting can feel very isolating. Think of a stay-at-home parent who speaks to no one but their toddlers all day. Or maybe a young parent whose coworkers are all single and childless and don’t want to hear “kid stories” every day.

This often beco...