Summer Activities for High School Students by: Allison Becker

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Many high school students, parents, and educators have spent the last year or so worried about what they’ve been missing. And with all that’s happened, It’s easy to see why people are concerned about students being behind.

However, that doesn’t change the fact that summer is designed to be a time for students to recuperate after a school year. Even with high schoolers, activities should still give them the opportunity to be kids and explore their interests and passions. Below are a few summer activities for high schoolers that will help combat learning loss and encourage them to be their best selves!

  1. Summer reading challenge! If you read our blog for middle schoolers,...

Summer Activities for Middle School Students by: Allison Becker

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Especially for middle school students, learning loss after almost a year and a half of education during a pandemic has been a huge concern. And it’s true that our middle schoolers have struggled a lot during COVID-19. However, combating learning loss in these students doesn’t have to look like practice pages from a textbook or online summer school.

Below are some practical, positive activities for middle school age students to do over the summer, all designed to help them grow and further their education.

  1. Summer reading challenge! Many libraries, schools, and other organizations offer structured summer reading challenges for students. Consider getting your child involved in one o...

Summer Activities for Pre-K and Elementary School Students by: Allison Becker

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Summer can be stressful when it comes to dealing with concerns about keeping kids busy while school is out. This summer, that’s probably going to be even more true. There’s lots of conversations about learning loss and how to make up after almost a year and a half of COVID education.

However, especially for young learners, making up for learning loss doesn’t look like what we might think. Below are a few great summer ideas that can build pre-Kindergarten and elementary school age kids up after a couple tough years of education.

  1. Get outside and get physical! At this age, children learn with their bodies and their senses. Exposing them to a variety of elements and places help...