3 Easy Ways To Kickstart A Successful School Year

With the new school year fast approaching (or already starting for some) it is important for parents to set up a strong foundation for their child to have a successful school year. The more involved parents are in their child’s education the more likely the child will succeed not only this year, but for years to come. Here are a few easy ways to get started!

1. Create a peaceful home environment- Kids need to feel safe and calm after dealing with all of the social and educational pressures they experience every day. Work to keep your home a stress free environment for them by responding calmly to some of the family stresses that arise and keeping noise volume to a minimum.

2. Encourage your child to read- Set time to read with your child every day. Make it into a fun and exciting activity that your child looks forward to. Reading is a great way to increase vocabulary, language, and intelligence skills.

3. Partner with your child’s educators- As soon as the school year begins meet your child’s teacher. Attend parent-teacher conferences and routinely communicate with teachers to stay up to date on what they are learning in class and your child’s progress.

For additional ways to support your child’s educational success feel free to contact us. We specialize in helping parents discover additional schooling options and offer consultations, workshops, and online materials to ensure success.

Written by: Alex Wood