3 Ways To Be A Better Educator


As students grow and evolve throughout the school year it is a great time for teachers to do the same. Not only is the growth of a teacher beneficial for their own personal and professional development, but it is also very beneficial to overall classroom growth and success.

Here are 3 simple ways for teachers to positively grow:

1. Reflect- Take time to journal and figure out what is working in your classroom and what is not. This is a great time to brainstorm how to improve what isn’t working and allows teachers to identify where too much time has been wasted in class.

2. Figure out how you respond to stress- Do you over indulge on sweets or get a little snappy with those around? Everyone has their own way of dealing with deadlines and pressures. Use your reflection time to identify your typical stress response strategy and decide if it is supporting your personal goals. If it is not, look at changing it so that you can thrive.

3. Open up communication- Do this with students, parents, and other faculty members. Make sure parents are aware of conferences and ways to reach you if they have questions. Do not hesitate to call the parents of students you are concerned about. And don’t be afraid to ask other teachers or staff for help or ideas in the classroom.

Which tip are you most excited to try?

Written by: Alex Wood