6 Test-Taking Tips For Students


As we dive deeper into the school year, standardized tests and end of semester exams creep up on us. And with over 16-20% of students experiencing high test anxiety, it is important to prepare students. Help your child shine this year by using these tips and tricks to have a successful test taking experience:

  1. Don’t Rush- It is important to remind your child to take their time when taking a test and to make sure they understand the question or prompt given to them.

  2. Focus on What You Know- Explain to your child that passing questions they do not immediately know and coming back to them at the end of the test is the best course to avoid spending too much time on one question.

  3. Avoid Distractions- It is important for your student to focus on his or her test and to avoid wandering eyes. Not only does this take their focus away from the material, but it could also put them at risk for a cheating accusation.

  4. Read Directions- This one may seem obvious, but when a child is nervous they do not always read through the material which results in easy mistakes throughout the test.

  5. Start Planning- Make sure your child has set up some sort of study plan at least a week before the exam. This will insure that they have ample time to review material and figure out which topics they need to spend extra time on.

  6. Eat Breakfast- There is nothing worse than a grumbling stomach in a quiet room. Make sure your child has a fulfilling breakfast before their test to keep them focused and ready for the day.

Share these tips with your child and we are sure they will do great!

By: Alex Wood