Kindergarten Here We Go: A Checklist for Little Learners Returning During a Pandemic

Kindergarten is an important milestone for any student. New friends, new atmosphere, and this year: new procedures. Many Kindergarteners will experience fear and anxiety when beginning their new routine. This year, the game has changed as students return to Georgia schools in the wake of the Coronavirus Pandemic. EdConnect has compiled a little checklist to help parents and their student experience and smooth transition to new this learning atmosphere.

See if your child can:

  • Practice writing their name

  • Flip the pages of a book easily

  • Use the bathroom independently

  • Listen to a story and then tell it back to you within reason

  • Practice good hygiene after bathroom and lunch by proper handwashing


  • If your student is required to wear a mask – make sure you have a few on hand and practice wearing them at home before school starts. Wearing a mask is an important step to work on before the first day in the classroom.

Kindergarten is exciting to many, and while the situation has changed this year – it’s still going to be an adventure for your young learner. Have a wonderful Georgia school year from Dr. Danielle LeSure at EdConnect!