Return to Learn: The Reality of Covid-19 for Georgia Students

As schools prepare to reopen across the country in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, many teachers, students, staff, and parents are concerned about returning in the fall. Georgia schools are taking a county by county approach; many are doing virtual/remote education for a set time while others are using a hybrid model. All plans are meant to be fluid and can change if deemed necessary.

If you have a student preparing to return this fall, EdConnect has compiled some information to help you during this stressful time.

Remember: school is a critical infrastructure that supports the whole child, not just their academic needs. But safety measures need to be taken while we deal with the Coronavirus. This might mean extra hand washing, sanitizing desks, eating lunch in small groups, and even having your student wear a mask throughout their day.

Talk to your child now about how they can do their best to stay safe without making them afraid. If masks are going to be worn in school – start practicing with them now. See how long your student can wear their mask.

There are so many questions on how this year will work for parents who will not be able to work remotely while their children are schooling virtually or on hybrid plans. If you find yourself worrying about your work schedule, talk with your employer to see what options are available. Many jobs, however, do not have remote options (healthcare, food service, etc.). Talk to the school to see if they have any resources available for childcare.

Other parents are forming a sort of “homeschool” rotation plan for virtual/hybrid situations. Parents who can host the children during that day will do so and make sure to keep up on the daily lessons. This is an excellent option for those who can spare a day off to help another family/student. Working together is a great way to ease the stress of this situation.

Young children may not understand how viruses work; consider showing them this short video from Eurac Research:

It gives a colorful and exciting peek into the science of the Coronavirus without spreading fear.

Be sure to stay up to date on your school’s coronavirus information.

Reach out to school staff and faculty with your questions and concerns ahead of time.

See below for some helpful resources on Covid-19 concerning back to school learning.

The CDC’s Safe Return Guidance Sheet

Reusable Kids Cloth Masks from Peace Collective

Georgia Department of Public Health Covid-19 Reports

AACAP Resources for Parents and Children for Coping Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic