Scholarship Option For APS High School Students - Have You Applied Yet?

Often I wonder what life is like as a parent. As I listen to my friends discuss scholarship options for their kids attending college, my mind races with different ideas on how to afford the high costs of college tuition. Then I grow nauseous of thinking of the additional costs of dorm needs, transportation, and a new computer to start your journey in college off to a great start.

While my mind was racing during the conversation, I remembered a meeting I had with Tina Fernandez of Achieve Atlanta. As the founder, she expressed the need for students in Atlanta Public Schools (APS) to receive support to go to and through college through scholarships, such as the Achieve Atlanta Scholarship.

This scholarship is not limited to students with high grades or a particular race. It is for ALL students, dependent on their Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA). Based on need, APS students can receive up to $5,000 per year when pursuing a four year degree program or $1,500 per year when pursuing a two year or technical program.

Surprisingly, I’ve learned that many parents are not aware of the Achieve Atlanta Scholarship. Though I am glad my friends are now smiling about their new scholarship option, I am saddened that the word hasn’t spread about this one.

Please visit Achieve Atlanta if you are a parent looking to apply. Applications are due May 31st, be sure you completed your FAFSA first though and then you are all set to go!

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