Special Education – EdConnect Vlog

Dr. Danielle LeSure takes a few minutes to speak with Atlanta parents of special needs children in our latest informative video. Children with special needs deserve a solid education. She discusses the Special Needs Scholarship program and shares her experience on how this program works.

Every child in the Georgia public school system with special needs gets 2 rights: the ability to transfer to any open public school in the state of Georgia and the right to private schools that can better serve their educational requirements. She will help walk you through the Georgia Dept. of Education’s website to see if this a good option for your special needs child.

Dr. LeSure expresses that “it’s important to find a school that best matches the needs and interests of your child with special needs.” Click on the video to learn more about the Georgia Special Needs Scholarship Program, and how you can give your child the education they need to thrive.