What are the benefits of state charter schools serving multi-counties?


In Georgia, there are two kinds of charter schools: the state charter schools and the locally approved charter schools. State charter schools are those authorized by the State Board of Education. They are expected to provide their students with a better educational opportunity.

Some state charter schools are approved by the State Board of Education to serve multiple counties or districts. So what are the benefits of being in this kind of charter school?

Diverse student population

Since they serve students in more than one area or county, a lot of children can take advantage of their educational opportunities. They can offer a school culture that embraces diversity and inclusion.
Specialized areas of study
Charter schools have the ability to specialize in particular areas like math, science and technology, or performing arts. With this, students can take classes they are interested in. This often results in students becoming more focused on their education.

More options for parents

Not all areas have top-notch traditional public schools. Often, they are stuck choosing either an expensive private school or a public school that doesn’t meet their standards. So if their area is covered by a state charter, they are now given more options on where they can enroll their children, and they have more freedom to discover which school meets their child’s educational needs.


State charter schools have a responsibility to provide a high-quality education to their students, or they run the risk of losing their charters. Moreover, they are accountable to the students, parents, and communities they serve. If they don’t run efficiently, they lose the parents’ confidence to enroll their children in the school.