What Is Parent Coaching? Why Does It Matter? - By Allison Becker


It's 10 pm on a Wednesday, and no matter what you do, your grade schooler is refusing to go to sleep. You've tried coddling, bribing, sternness, and it's resulted in a screaming match, tears, and your kid is still not in bed. And this isn't the first time.

This situation probably sounds familiar to a lot of parents. Issues are inevitable when raising children. Sometimes dealing with them takes a little help. This is where parent coaching comes in.

Parent coaching is an up-and-coming way to examine parenting strategies and receive assistance. A parent coach is not necessarily a therapist or health professional, but they offer unique advice to parents seeking new perspectives.

Beacause they are not medical professionals, parent coaches don't diagnose or treat disorders such as ADD or anger issues. Parent coaching focusses on practical ways to improve relationships between parent and child. It also finds concrete ways to handle specific issues. These could be things like not going to bed, a harmful resistance to authority, a lack of proper hygiene, or issues staying motivated in school.

Parent coaching can also be useful during times of high stress. If a family is going through a divorce or a move, kids are likely to pick up on the anxiety of the parents. A parent coach can help with strategies on the best way to communicate difficulties to kids while reminding them that they are loved and supported. Using a parent coach also places deliberate attention on the relationship between parents and kids. It emphasizes the importance of that connection for everyone involved.

There are many benefits to parent coaching. One big one is that it allows for supportive collaberation between the parent(s) and the coach. A parent coach listens to what you bring to the table and helps tailor a plan directly to your child or children. Many coaches include the kids in this collaboration. This gives children the opportunity to share and contribute to the solution.

Using a parent coach provides an educated springboard to bounce parenting ideas off of. They are unbiased, and their goal is building the best possible relationship between parents and kids. Most coaches maintain strict confidentiality and professionalism while being supportive and encouraging. They aim to enrich the lives of parents and children and make growing up a little easier for everyone.