What Is The Arete Scholars Program?

By: Alex Wood

The Arete Scholars is a nonprofit foundation based in Georgia and Louisiana that helps economically disadvantaged children reach their potential. Their mission is to provide K-12 scholarships exclusively to qualifying low-to-moderate-income students. Since 2010, the Arete Scholarship program has helped more than 1,200 economically disadvantaged students gain access to better schools and have awarded more than 3,000 K-12 scholarships worth over $15 million. They take a holistic approach to transform the lives of economically disadvantaged children by offering private scholarships and focusing on three key areas: college and career readiness, healthy relationships, and character strengths.

Applications are available in spring of the school year and cost $30 for processing. In order for a student to be eligible for an Arete scholarship, they must meet one of the following criteria and meet the income guidelines for the federal free and reduced lunch program:

  • Your child received a Georgia tuition tax credit scholarship from any state approved Student Scholarship Organization (SSO) in the previous year.
  • Your child is entering K4-1st grade
  • Your child attended a Georgia public school or was homeschooled for one full grading period during 2017-18

The scholarships cover tuition, books, registration, transportation, uniforms, testing and other fees until the award amount is maxed out. Parents can apply online and will need the following information for the application: Pay stubs, child support, TANF support, workers comp, social security, social security numbers, and tax returns.

Here is a great video on the Arete Scholars Organization:

You can learn more about the Arete Scholarship Program here: