What Should You Know About Charter Schools? By Dr. Danielle LeSure

You would be surprised how many parents still are not quite sure of what a charter school is. Instead of calling the school to learn more about it, many let their assumptions prevent them from taking a chance. Charters are “public private schools for rich kids,” “too expensive” and “very selective.” When parents make these remarks, it reminds me of how much work we need to do in creating awareness of school options.

Charters are public schools that are free for parents. They have to meet the same standards as traditional public schools. In fact, many have to outperform their districts on standardized testing. Because the bar is so high, they are free to use best practices and approaches that often differ from traditional public schools. Some parents like this option because many of our charters focus on Science Technology Engineering & Math (STEM) while others offer Saturday school and extended periods.

Check out this video from GreatSchools to learn more about what a charter school is.

What is a charter school?

What is a charter school? Learn about the difference between charter schools vs. public schools and how to find the best school for your child.