What Should You Know About Private Schools?

Did you know there are over 33,000 private schools in America? They currently account for over 24% of the nation’s schools and 10% of enrollment from PK-12 students. Unfortunately, private schools are often thought of as “elitist” and “too expensive.” This thought process and lack of knowledge regarding private schools often robs families of an education option that could actually benefit them.

While some private schools are expensive and can cost almost as much as a house, there are many more options that offer free tuition and tuition assistance to help out families. Often times, families are also eligible for vouchers and tax credits from the state to help fund their child’s private school tuition.

Private schools also boast smaller class sizes which can help a child receive more individualized attention and feedback. This assistance can help enhance a child’s academic performance. Private schools also have more freedom to decide how and what they teach which often benefits children when it aligns with their family values.

It should be noted that while private schools do have many benefits, they often lack diversity and the selectiveness of the school typically means an admissions process has to occur in order to be accepted.

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In the meantime, check out this video from Great Schools to learn more about private schools.

Facts About Private Schools

Facts about private schools

Considering private school for your child? Before you decide, learn all about the admission process, cost and tuition, class size, and the differences between Catholic school, parochial school, and private school.

Written By: Alex Wood