Who Needs Pedals On A Bike Anyway?

Teach Your Child How To Ride A Bike Really Quickly!

Teach your child how to ride a bike really quickly!

This little boy learned to ride in under an hour using this really simple method! It's as easy as riding a bike! Teaching a child to balance first by removing the pedals really works. Just watch how Patrick quickly picks up how to balance after just a few tries of coasting down a gentle slope.

Who needs pedals on a bike anyway?

By Danielle LeSure

I remember learning how to ride my bike as a child. Removing the training wheels was the first official “be a big girl” conversation with my parents and family members who babysat me. Everyone who took me out for my first lesson (which turned into over 5 or more “first lessons”) was frustrated to be honest. They were definitely more anxious and nervous for me then I was. So my dad gave up and offered $50 to anyone who could teach me. This actually increased the intensity level for me and even more so for those family members taking the challenge. It took a very patient, loving and nurturing auntie who was calm and repeated “you will learn how to ride your bike today, it’s about getting your balance.”

For all of you brave souls taking on the bike lessons this summer, please watch this short clip on how to teach a child to ride. By first removing the pedals, children get a chance to learn how to balance without hitting their legs against them. Learning pedaling and balance at the same time can feel overwhelming for a child at first. Who knows, if we would have tried this when I had my first lesson it could have saved me many tears (literally).

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