Public School Transfer

What is a public school transfer?

Public school transfers (or intradistrict transfers) allow students the option to attend a public school outside of their neighborhood or zoned school area, if space is available.

What are the pros/cons?


  • Can transfer to a higher performing school
  • Can switch to a school that has academic programs your child is interested in
  • The transfer lasts through the highest grade of the transfer school


  • Districts have different deadlines
  • Random lottery occurs if there aren’t enough spaces upon applying
  • Parents must provide transportation
  • Can affect the eligibility for athletic / extracurricular activities

How best do I pursue this option?

1) Check district websites in January/February to learn of the application process and deadline.

2) Identify schools you would like your child to attend upon reviewing available school transfers.

3) Submit your application by the deadline.

Additional Resources

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