Tax Credit Scholarships

What is the Georgia Tax Credit Scholarship Program?

The Georgia Tax Credit Scholarship Program provides eligible Georgia families scholarships for their children to attend private schools.

What are the pros/cons?


  • Scholarships help make private schools more affordable
  • Financial assistance up to $9,817
  • GA Tax Credit Scholarships can be combined with GA Special Needs (SB10) Program Scholarships


  • Difficult to navigate the process
  • Different application process for participating schools
  • Availability of scholarships often vary from year to year depending on the school

How best do I pursue this option?

1) Identify private schools you are interested in.

2) Contact schools and ask if they offer the tax credit scholarship or work with a Student Scholarship Organization (SSO). If so, inquire about how you apply for financial assistance.

3) Get applications for the schools you’re interested in and submit.

Best to inquire and apply for scholarships early because funding is limited.

Additional Resources

Georgia Department of Education-Tax Credit Program – List of SSOs and scholarship information about the Georgia Tax Credit Program.

GOAL Scholarship Program – A popular SSO with a great school list.

Arete Scholars – Great resource for parents because their scholarship can be applied to any private school the parent prefers and they continue to get the same financial support throughout their student's enrollment in a private school. Scholarships are based on need. 

Georgia DOE: Private School Tax Credit for Donations to Student Scholarship Organizations – In depth article on what an SSO is, links to a few, and how donations to SSO’s work.